Monday, June 7, 2010

On to the lazy days of summer....

Two months have passed already since I last blogged! Welcome to the world of Mommyhood! :) Well, there are lots of things that have happened in the past 2 months. Matt & I both lost a grandmother, his was Una Stegall and mine was Marie Poston. Both sweet ladies who will be dearly missed. We both have such fond memories of them, and are thankful to have had them in our lives as long as we have.
We have been busy with work, church, family, friends, etc. Just life! This past weekend we were able to celebrate one of my 2nd cousin's high school graduation. He is the first one of that generation of kiddos to graduate. My, my, my how time travels on! I was able to snap some senior pics for him and will post a few below.
Owen is doing great! He's the funniest little thing I think I've ever met. He is so SMART, it is amazing. He has all kinds of "tricks" he can do now...he gives 'sweet eyes,' which is where he winks & bats his eyes at you, he knows how to clap his hand over his mouth while making a sound when you ask him "What does the Indian say?", here is a pic of how he says "OOOOHHHH" when you ask him to say Owen: he claps and says "Yaaaaay!!" whenever we do and he says TONS of words already. He can say mama, dada, papaw, gigi, nonna, poppa, bye, and even jackie! ha! We were hanging out with my Aunt Jackie and I told Owen to "say Jackie" and he said "Khaki" was too cute. Aunt Jack got a kick out of it! He is 10 months old and growing like a weed. He is such a joy and we are blessed to have him. Here are some pics of us enjoying the summer sun and one of his 9 month pics.