Friday, January 4, 2013

Gender Reveal!

Our appointment to find out whether our sweet baby #2 is a boy or girl was today, January 4, 2013! The day before, Matt's mom, Nonna, called and texted everyone in the family to get their votes on whether they thought we would have a boy or girl. 

Here is the final vote! Tied 10-10! Then, we realized we forgot Owen, who said BOY. So it was ahead 11-10. Then, we realized we forgot Logan E., who said GIRL. So we were tied again! 11-11!

Nonna, Poppa, Uncle Hunter, PaPaw, GiGi, Aunt Bekah, Davis, Mikah & Reed met me, Matt & Owen at SonoCare at 9am to find out 'WHO' we are having! The sonographer looked around at the baby's head, and then showed us the feet....I was thinking, WHO CARES, lady! Show us the important body part!! haha! 

Sweet little profile!

FINALLY, she said "Oh! There we go!" And I said, "Do you know what it is???" She smiled and said "Yes!" And just sat there??? I was like, "WELL WHAT IS IT?!?!" haha! She smiled big and said, "It's a......


We all erupted with "YAY!!" and giggled and laughed! Of course I started crying! I was so excited! I would have loved a little girl but I reeeeeally wanted a little boy! 

I really feel like God gives you what you get for a reason. Who knows what that reason is, but I'm thrilled that he has chosen Matt & I to be parents of two little boys!  

I have SIX tubs of clothes up in the attic of boy clothes that I'm thrilled to go through again and get to use again. AND- they will be the right season since this baby will be a summer baby like his big brother!

So far, we think his name will be Beau Landon. Landon is Matt's middle name and we just like the name Beau. We'll see! If I don't hear a name I like better between now & then, that is what it will be!

We are so blessed and thrilled and can't wait to meet our second baby boy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Since this blog's main purpose is documentation for our family, I wanted to log a few things Owen has said lately so that we don't forget them. He is just SO funny and is always making Matt & I laugh. He also says the sweetest things, too!

While watching The Hunger Games with us (I know, not a great parenting move, but whatev!), when Katniss was falling down the cliff, every time she hit the mountain he would say "Oh! Ow! Ugh! Ugh! Oh!" like he was making the sound effects for her. Matt and I CRACKED up!

We went to eat at Cracker Barrel with GiGi & PaPaw one night when Daddy was out of town. Owen went to the restroom with Dad and came back and said "Mommy! I got to use the hanging potties!" 

At the Carnathan Christmas,  Before we ate, we all said something we were thankful for and Owen's answer was "my daddy, my mommy & our baby!" 

Owen wanted to play deer hunter, so I was being the deer for him to shoot.
Owen: boom!
Me: uuugghh!! (I died)
Owen: I'm gonna hang ya on the wall!! Daddy, look at that girl deer I shot!
Matt: she sure is a pretty deer. 
Owen: yeah, pretty DEAD!

Mom & I were in the car  with a grumpy little boy in the back. I was getting on to him for being ugly. Mom threw in some thoughts too. He said, "When we get to this stop light, I'm unbucklin' my seat belt and getting out and LEAVING y'all!!!!" We tried not to laugh, and I "got onto" him again about using nice words. He then started whining and pouting. Being Christmastime, Mom & I started singing, "Oh you better watch out, you better not CRY, better not POUT...." at which point he interrupted us and said exhaustedly, "OKAY OKAY, enough!!" 

At bedtime one night, Owen said, "Mommy, if you were an animal, and Daddy would shoot you, I would miss you." 

Owen told me he had his arrows but couldn't find his "bowen." I asked what's a Bowen? and he said its what you shoot the arrows with! 

Once Owen was told that I had a baby in my tummy,  he asked me if I ate the baby since the baby is in my tummy. He later asked if the baby is going to play with the bones inside my body. When I told him no, he said, "Well *I* played with your bones when I was in your tummy!

When Owen was rocking out on his new drumset, he said, "I'm like Fozzie! Am I a Muppet????"

Owen sneezed and then said "ew gross! Boogers!" so I gave him a napkin to wipe his nose and he said "That was awkward!"

I answered one of Owen's questions with "No way, Jose!" to which he replied, "Yes sir-ree, Bob, Jose!

His first Christmas where he was really talking, he would say that Santa says "Ho Ho Ho! Carry Missus!"

2 Year old prayer: Dear 'hevly' fadder, tank you for mommy, tank you for daddy, tank you for my school, tank you for pigs and lizards and Reed. AMEN

Car conversation  on the way home:
Me- Owen, did you have a good day today?
Owen: Yes! I didnt bite my 'frin!' (friend)
Me- Oh, good!! I'm glad!
Owen: I tackled him.

Another prayer: Dear God, thank you for Elmo and puppets. Please keep us safe from mouses and goats that bite.

Walking out the door one morning, Owen says 'Whoooo wee! It's cold in here!!

Our funny little guy at Christmas time

We love you SO much, Owen, and are so blessed to have you as our son!