Monday, August 27, 2012

GiGi & PaPaw move!

So my parents have moved from Houston to our little East Texas town!! We are so thrilled! I feel sad that they left my older brother, his wife & family behind, but at least we are in 1 town (only 2 miles apart!) when they come to visit. 

On August 12,  Owen & I (and sock monkey) headed down to Houston with Dad to help him get the last load of their things. I'm SO glad I was able to do that. They still had a TON of things left.

The next morning was August 13, Dad's bday! My sweet sis in law, Jen, made pancakes and put a few candles in Dad's. We sang 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy then headed over to their old house to get busy working!

After many hours of working, we were ready to head North!

Completely cleaned out!

Goodbye, 19807 Big Timber Drive in Humble! It was a great house for my parents and my Granny,who lived there in a garage apartment with them before she died. Many memories were made here and to me, it is always a bit sad to move on from any house, but also exciting to create new memories in a new place!

Since it was Dad's birthday, I let him pick where we would stop for dinner. 

Bueno in Lufkin it was!

We were DEAD tired that night when we got back, so the next day, we went to Mom & Dad's NEW house to celebrate Dad's birthday, for real! :) Dinner & carrot cake. :) 
Already making memories at the new address! 

Owen turns 3!

August 4, 2012, we celebrated Owen's 3rd birthday! We had our family &  friends over for snacks, cake & swimming! The kids played upstairs in the play room for a little while, then we sang 'Happy Birthday' and cut the cake! Everyone snacked on snacks & cake while Owen opened presents. After that, everyone changed & went swimming. It was a great day!

*Side note: I finally found curtains! I still want to add some sheers in between...but I was glad to have SOMETHING up on this window before Owen's party! :)

Just a swamp themed bday banner I made for the fireplace. 
The backgrounds I used were alligator skin & burlap. :)

The AMAZING cake my mom in law & sis in law made! 
It was just as yummy as it was awesome looking! 

Our big THREE year old!

All the cousins after the bday festivities were over. 
They enjoyed playing bows & arrows and guns outside. 
I just love these little boys!

Owen in his "cowboy" clothes that his Nonna got him for his bday. :)