Monday, February 25, 2013

Halfway There!

Woo-hoo! I am 20 weeks along and feeling great! Feeling rather large, but, that just goes with the territory! ;) 

I'm feeling my little Beau boy move around and kick here & there. The first few times I felt it I was kind of startled! I had forgotten what those little movements felt like. At first he was just moving right before lunch and when I would lay down to go to sleep. Now I am starting to feel more movements throughout the day. I love it! 

This is the best time of pregnancy, in my opinion. I am still feeling good, but not huge, hot & miserable yet! So far I have gained 11 lbs. from my very first visit. So I feel good about that, but I read the other day I can expect to gain a pound a week from here on out. I'm hoping not, but we'll see! I'm also trying to get in some exercise here & there, but not being as consistent as I'd like. I am just trying not to stress too much about that part and just enjoy this chapter. 

Here is my 20 week pic! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Growing Boy!

When I was 13w5d we found out that our little baby is a BOY! We went to a place and paid to find out early. I just wanted to know soon so we could get his room done early while I was still (relatively) small and feeling like decorating. This summer before he will be born will be full of birthdays and the hot heat (ha!), so I just wanted to get it marked off the list. 

So this past week, I went to my actual doctor for my 19 week sonogram which showed he is STILL a boy! I have to say I was a tad nervous that since we found out so early, there might be a chance that the original sono tech was wrong. But she wasn't! So we are still having our little Beau Landon!

One new thing since the last pregnancy- 3D ultrasounds! Look at his little face! 
He is not quite done forming so his face will still change some, 
but I do think he already has his Daddy's full lips! :)

Here are my first belly shots! 
I started showing MUCH sooner with Beau than I did with Owen.

Thanks to Pinterest for the cute idea for belly pics. :)