Thursday, April 26, 2012


Our blinds finally came in! Love them! Love the privacy! We felt like we were living in a fish it's nice to be able to do a quick run from the laundry room to my room wearing my PJs(or less! Ha!) and not worry about scaring the neighbors! :)

Now all we need is a nice window treatment to finish it out! Having a hard time deciding on curtains though. We'll see!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend in Houston

We visited my parents this past weekend after Dad had his stroke. It was reassuring to see him & spend time with him and to see for myself that he is ok. Glory to God for my dad's healing. I am so thankful for God's precious, healing hand. After a few hugs, we got right to playing!

Cousins at Logan's baseball game.
Owen & Caden enjoyed playing together all weekend!

Caden got to spend the night with us at GiGi & PaPaw's,
so the next day, we headed to the park for some fun play time!

And after the park: :)

Mom got her hair "did" and it was much darker than normal.
I told her we look more alike now!
(Pardon my no make up self...but I was enjoying the day of no make up
& no getting ready for work!) ;)

PaPaw & GiGi on the swing outside. The weather was lovely!
We & the kids played duck duck goose & just enjoyed the breeze!

Headed home! Owen loved his bubba teeth sucker he got from Aunt Jen! It was hilarious. He kept saying, "Mommy, is this my paci?" haha! It was a nice, QUIET trip home! Why do we get rid of pacis so early??? We should let them have them until they are 10! ha!

We had a great weekend with GiGi, PaPaw, Uncle Matt, Aunt Jen, Logan, Caden & Jackson. Can't wait for more family time again!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter time was filled with lots of fun things!

We kicked it off with our church's annual Easter Egg hunt at the Blackstone's house. Their property has a lake and fields & woods....PERFECT for hunting eggs!

Reed, Owen & Avery starting the hunt!

Out in the field finding eggs!

The next day, we did an early Easter lunch with Matt's family since we would be at LTC on Easter weekend. Nonna & Poppa made the day so special with lunch, an egg hunt & a cute little craft for the kiddos to do. We had a blast! The kids even swam & had snow cones. Couldn't believe how hot it was for it to be the last weekend in March!

Owen was supposed to find all the purple eggs. He did!
The next week we headed to Dallas for Leadership Training for Christ with our church family. We stayed at the Hilton Anatole & had a blast as usual. We had over 5,000 people in worship that Sunday. What a wonderful way to celebrate our risen Savior!

When we came home, we hunted eggs for the THIRD time with our neighborhood. There is an egg hunt every Easter. We enjoyed getting to meet more of our new neighbors & let Owen play with the kiddos. It was a great time! I also snapped a few Easter pics of Owen while we were there. I didn't think to get any of us as a family. :( Oh well...maybe next year! :)

Owen looking up in a tree for an egg!

My handsome big boy. We just couldn't possibly love him more than we do already!

We had a great Easter, but then the next day, my Dad had a light stroke. It was a terrifying day full of unanswered questions, but as the day ended, all of his reports came back great! The stroke only had some short term effects and he will make a full recovery. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! We are so thankful God's healing hands were on my precious Dad!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We moved!

We are finally all moved in & starting to get settled! We are so thankful to our wonderful friends & my brother & sis in law for helping us. There is NO way we could have done it without them!

Most of the boxes are unpacked and the new furniture delivered! We still have a ways to go with the furniture...our little house before just didn't have all the rooms we have now, so we are slowly going to add things here & there. But we are loving the extra space and what we love even more is our neighborhood. I swear it feels like we stepped into 1950. Everyone is outside every evening grilling or playing with the kids. And everyone just visits with each other over the fences. It's almost kind of crazy how much of a true little "community" it is. Of course, me being such a social bug, I LOVE it. We are so thankful that it all worked out the way it did.

Owen taking off on his bike down the new sidewalk!

Owen's room is finished! (The only room in the house that is done!) :)

Game room on move in day...looks like a Toys R Us bomb went off!

The game room! (Excuse the wrapping paper in the window!
Waiting on window coverings to come in!) :)

Owen chilling in his new game room!
Thanks to Nonna & Poppa for his recliner!

The dining room table/chairs. Love them!

Our new KING size bed! Woo to the hoo! More room for a little boy who
sneaks into our bed at night! haha!


Our new couch! Waiting on the love seat to come in.
Once it does, the blue recliner will be moved to the game room. We are also going to get some chairs...some time soon! And end tables! And window treatments! And a rug! Got a ways to go...hah!

So we moved in Wednesday & had a sleep over Friday! Our nephew Reed came over to spend the night. He & Owen are like best friends and then can instantly become worst enemies. Well, I snuck up the stairs to check on them and they were watching a movie...Reed is in the recliner & Owen is on his lap! So funny!! See..they CAN be sweet!! :)

Saturday morning donuts!