Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ready for Summer!

I am SO ready for summer to officially start! I don't get time off or anything, but it is just more relaxed around the office and it is just LOTS of fun with our little guy! We already have had fun "summer" time things going on. Last Thursday was the last day of playschool for this "school year" so they had a fun water day! He loved it and slept like a rock that night! 

Owen & some friends in the pool

Owen's teachers this year! Ms. Sharon & Ms. Amanda...he loves them both!

Then the weekend came & we got to celebrate sweet Avery's FIFTH birthday! I cannot believe she's already 5. I can still vividly see her as a newborn and getting to meet her for the first time the day she was born. It is so fun to watch all of our friend's kids grow. I hope our kids will always stay close! Avery had the BEST birthday party- at a gym! The boys LOVED it. There were trampolines, rope swing, balance beam, a big foam pit to jump in...and of course cake & ice cream! :)

Owen & Reed in the foam pit & Owen on the balance beam

PaPaw & GiGi with Miss Mikah Ann at the party
After the party we headed to East Texas Burger Co. for lunch & found mom a super cute GiGi hat. I think we look like twins! 

Then, later that day, Amber, Luke, David, Scotty, Jodie &  Avery came swimming. We just enjoyed the pool and the kids had a lot of fun swimming together.  We had a great weekend with my parents in town & fun with friends!

Then on Monday, I am at work & my phone rings. My heart always stops for a second when I see that it is Owen's school calling. Ms. Kimberly said, "He's ok...but...he was running across the room and fell into a book case." Amy sent me a text with this picture:
So I left work immediately (ha!) and took him to direct care just to be safe. If this had been my 2nd or 3rd kid, I may not have been so worried, but I just cant help it with all the crazy stories you hear about kids & head injuries.  I am always more cautious than some and would rather be safe than sorry. My $20 co-pay and a couple hours of time is worth my peace of mind knowing there is nothing wrong with my sweet boy! Doc said he was all good, just don't let him do any crazy activities in the next few days, like bounce houses or trampolines. The swelling has gone down tremendously and all that is there now is the bruise. He was a trooper! 

 The beginning of this week we have worked in the yard and swam at the pool. Owen loves to ride his bike around in the driveway while we work. He's the cutest!!

 Happy early Father's Day, Daddy! He had been wanting a riding lawn mower, so I told him to go pick one out for Father's Day. Of course Owen loved riding with him!

These fun activities over the past couple of weeks has me SO ready for summer time!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend! Owen & I were both sick with strep throat so I was THRILLED to get over that by the weekend. He missed his school performance so I was bummed about that, but glad he started feeling better!

My parents were in town and they were staying at their new house. It was so cool to have them come by for dinner and hang out for a bit, then they headed home. I will be SO glad when they are living here full time!

Our neighborhood had an annual garage sale on my day consisted of a photo shoot, garage sale, nap & swimming! Some productiveness and some laziness all in the same day = win!

Matt & Scotty "helping" Jodie & I get ready for the garage sale...yeah, right!! 

Owen catching some rays!

Sweet boy got a haircut! :)

Matt got this really cool old pew and sealed it so we could use it on our back patio. I plan to make a cool cushion for it at some point. I love it!