Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fun days off!

 Since we spent all our extra cash on furniture for an entire house this year, we are not taking a big vacation. :)

So instead, we are just taking off days here and there to do fun things! This past Friday I took off work and headed to Splash Kingdom with Bekah, Amanda (& Amanda's friend Kim) and all the boys! We had a great time!

Lawson, Davis, Owen & Reed

My sweet boy & I enjoying the fun day together!

Ready to take it to the house! SK can be SO tiring!!

My mom was in town with her friend Bonnie & Bonnie's granddaughter Caitlin. Matt was out of town this weekend, so we had fun girl time! We watched movies and shopped and ate junk food! Ha!

While they were there, Owen was "showing off" being "Superman" and jumped off his bed RIGHT INTO the closet door. This makes his SECOND goose egg on his head in just a few weeks. He needs to SLOW DOWN & be more careful!! 

We watched The Proposal (always hilarious with Sandra Bullock doing the Indian Dance thing singing "To the Windows to the Walls"....we had to watch that part a million times because we laughed til we cried...but then we also watched The Vow, which I haven't seen before. It was SO good. 

Later that day I found this pic online that was very fitting! Ha!

On the road again....on Sunday morning, Mom, Bonnie & Caitlin jumped in Mom's car & Owen & I hopped in ours and headed BACK to Houston for my cousin Carrie's baby shower. I got NO pics from the shower! :( I was enjoying myself too much I guess to think about it!

My sweet travel buddy! He does SO well in the car. His first road trip was to Houston when he was only a few weeks old. I was going stir crazy while on maternity leave & Matt took the whole week off so we went down for a few days out of boredom! haha! He was perfect in the car then has has done well ever since. He never complains or fusses. At one point on this trip, he was playing with a wet wipe & making it sing & dance. I'm SO thankful for his cute imagination and how he entertains himself so easily. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this age & do NOT want to forget it! He brings us so much joy and right now is saying the funniest little things. He keeps Matt and I laughing all the time. We love you, sweet Owen boy! 

Our favorite place to stop for a quick potty break on the way home- the rest stop in Jacksonville! After leaving the 'big city', I love stopping here to take in the scenery and just be thankful for where we live. I LOVE Houston. Don't get me wrong. It will probably always feel like "home" in a way. But I'm SO thankful to be in East Texas and live in such a pretty place! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

So here is a big buncha pics from the ole iPhone! Totally random stuff! Happy Friday! 

So I am doing a bootcamp at 5:15 a.m. every morning during the week. This pic SERIOUSLY made me LOL!

So I posted it on Facebook & my trainer took a pic of me doing a plank so I'd know I really DIDN'T look like an elephant! My booty was a tad high, but I raised up to give a thumbs up & smile for the camera! LOL! But still...more flat than the elephant so that is a SUCCESS!! 

We are LOVING the neighborhood pool. It makes me totally worthless though. Come home, change, float. That has been my life this summer so far. Already have a great tan! It's fabulous! But, I'm behind on laundry and other random house stuff, but WHO CARES?! Not me!! And sandwiches for dinner every night because we swim til 8?!? SURE! haha! Luckily, my hubby is a good (and quick) cook, so we haven't had to eat sandwiches EVERY night...but it still makes me worthless. Oh, well!

This was my view the other night from my hot, "relaxing" bath. How does that saying go..? "We used to want it all, now we just want to pee alone." SO TRUE! But I love my silly little boy, even when he interrupts Mommy's "me" time. :) 

The hubs got part of his "man room" done! I actually REALLY love it! I told him when we were moving that I didn't care WHAT he put on the walls in here, but I just didn't want it to look like a guy's dorm room (think Star Wars posters tacked to the wall...) I just wanted it to actually look DECORATED.  I think he did a GREAT job! 

Instagram makes me obsessed with sunset shots. I LOVED the colors in this. Thank you, God, for all the beauty you created that we could enjoy!

Some random picture app I have that you can put "stickers" on your pics. Ole! :)

Mom & Dad came in town for interviews. SO excited they will be moving here!! I fixed her hair at Salon De Lindsay. Looks good! 

1, 2, 3, JUMP! Loving spending time swimming & hanging with friends!

GIRLS NIGHT! Oh my word the couple hours spent with these precious girls are the BEST! What would we do without gal pals??? SO many laughs & stories this night...much needed! It is so nice to be friends with other women who go through the same things that I do....balancing work & home life and EVERY thing else. I'm thankful for EACH girl in this pic! 

We are potty training! WOO TO THE HOO! I just love this little boy!

Those sandwiches for dinner that I was complaining about earlier?? Well THIS was a night that the hubs was in charge (which is most nights, actually!). His food is SO yummy! His momma did good when she taught him to cook!

Another obsessive sky shot. Its just so pretty though!