Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby #2- First Ultrasound

Today was our very first ultrasound for baby Kelly #2! We heard the little heart beat and got to see the little "gummy bear." I just loved it! When we first saw Owen, I just started crying and was so emotional. With this one, I smiled really big and just loved looking at it. Matt mentioned that in the car that I didn't cry this time. I said, 'I know. Poor baby. He/she is already getting treated like the 2nd child!" Haha!

Precious little one!

Here is a pic from this week. Only 9 weeks and I already have this crazy bump! With Owen, I was about 15 weeks before I started showing. I was scared it might be twins..haha! But, today's doctor visit proved that it wasn't. So yay for that! It is funny, with Owen, I couldn't WAIT to wear maternity clothes and just BE pregnant. Now, I'm like nooooooooooooooo!!! I am not ready. But, such is life. So bring on the stretchy, comfy, elastic!

The doctor said baby looks great and she'll see me in 4 weeks! Easy peasy so far! Thankful & blessed. Prayers for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby are appreciated!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trick or Treat! (and another baby!)

We had so much fun this Halloween! Owen, being 3, is really fun now at holiday time. He totally "gets" it and understands everything. It is so neat to watch! He trick or treated like a pro. He knew JUST what to do! Ever since this spring when we took him to Medieval Times in Dallas, he loves to pretend to be a knight. So that is what he was for Halloween. 

This is our first holiday season in the new house & new neighborhood. So we decided to host a Halloween party for friends. We trick or treated then just had dinner together. Our neighborhood is PERFECT for trick or treating. It was a lot of fun!

Our cute little boos & ghouls! 
Front row, L toR: Reed(4) Owen(3) Bella(3), Aubrey(16 mo), David(3)
Back row, L toR: Luke(5), Davis(5)

A special treat, not a trick: We are having another baby!!!! We are SO thrilled! We found out on Halloween, so that night, after the party, I changed Owen into a "big brother" shirt and had him go walk out to the living room where the fam was standing around talking. I told him "This is your special shirt, go tell GiGi to read it." He said, "What does it say?" I told him I'd tell him later. 

Once they read his shirt, there were squeals and giggles all around. It was great! We called the other family members who live out of town to tell them. Everyone was so thrilled. Finally, Owen said, "WHAT DOES MY SHIRT SAY?!?!"  Haha! He realized it must have said something exciting by everyone's reactions! So I told him "Mommy has a baby in her tummy. You are going to be a big brother!" He was SOOOO excited and started screaming and running around saying "I'M A BIG BROTHER! I'M A BIG BROTHER!!!"  It made me cry. It was so sweet & special! 

The big brother is so excited!

We are so blessed & thankful and excited about a new addition to our little family! Little one should be here around July 1. Thank goodness for having the neighborhood pool this year! ;)