Friday, December 30, 2011

More progress!

The house is coming right along! The plumbing & electrical have been roughed in and the tubs in the 2 hall baths are in! Stone & brick were delivered today and most of the siding has been painted. They also hung our front door. I love it! It will be stained a dark brown to match the beams & shutters. Every day we drive by it looks like little ants marching all through our house! Lots of work being done! So exciting!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HVAC Stuff!

Duct Work & A/C stuff went in right before Christmas. More progress!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Land

Quick post from our Santa Land trip with the Wallaces! We had a fun time with our friends & the boys loved all the lights. In the pictures, their eyes are all closed because the flash on my iPhone is SO bright! haha! Finally, Luke said, "Ok, that's enough!!" HA!!

Headed to pick up our friends!


Sweet, funny boys!

Our 6th Anniversary

On December 17th, we celebrated our 6th anniversary! We just had a good ole date night to celebrate. We went to Jake's for dinner & it was delicious. Matt had a steak & I had red snapper. Then we shared some of their yummy cheesecake! I took a picture of it because it was pretty and Matt was cracking me up saying, "Oh, yeah..we don't get out she takes pictures of our food..." LOL! But it was a very pretty presentation so I said who cares?! :)

It was sooo good!

I really am amazed at how much closer we have become and how much more in love I am with him than I was on our wedding day. I remember thinking on our honeymoon that I couldn't become more happy than I was on our wedding day, but I was so wrong. I love how close we are, how much more we understand & "get" each other, and how we've truly become each other's best friend. We are so blessed!

December 17, 2005

December 17, 2011

St. Luke's Christmas Program

Owen did pretty well at his Christmas Program at St. Luke's. He kept telling me all week that he was going to be a bird. I knew he was going to be an animal in the stable, so I assumed he would be a cow or pig or goat or something, but he kept insisting he was a white bird. So sure enough, out he came in a white bird costume! LOL! Shows me to listen to him, he KNOWS what he's talking about!! I asked his teacher if they got Noah's Ark & The Birth of Jesus mixed up...I didn't really think there would be a bird in the stable..especially a snow bird! :) It was funny...but he was a cute little bird either way!

His little class of 2-year-olds! The little girl next to him on the right is going to be
our neighbor when we move to the new house. We are excited for him to have a
little friend in our new neighborhood already!

At this point, he was pretty much OVER the performing.
He was ready to get to bed! :)

Owen's Class Christmas Party

St. Luke's had the Christmas Parties for the kids on the 16th. I took the day off and it was so much fun to help out & get to see all the little cuties in Owen's class.

Mommy & Owen enjoying pizza & treats!

We stopped by the other classes to see Reed, Davis & Avery before heading home.

Cutie Reedy Pie

Sweet Davis

Sweet Avery said, "Do you want me to pick Owen up for the picture??"
As she already had him halfway up in the air! Sweet girl loves "her boys!" :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Time in Full Force!

Christmas time came fast & we are right in the midst of all the fun activities!

It was so fun to let Owen help me decorate the tree this year. He was very careful with the ornaments and I constantly reminded him of our "special" ones that he needed to be extra careful with. We add ornaments each year from trips we went on that year or special occasions. This year we added a Nutcracker ornament from FAO Schwarz from our NYC trip in May and we also added a Vegas ornament from our anniversary trip there last December. Owen also got a few new ones that he picked...they are all miniature toys. So cute! Here is our tree!

This year, we also introduced Owen to Gus, our 'Elf on the Shelf.' Everyone knows what these are by now, so I will spare the details in what Gus' job is, but Owe
n has enjoyed finding him each morning!

I've enjoyed getting ideas off of Pinterest to bake for all the different functions. I signed up to do the desserts for Owen's Class Christmas Party at St. Luke's. Here are the adorable little reindeer I made! They were SUPER easy (peanut butter cookies, chocolate chips, red M&Ms, chocolate covered pretzels) and the kids LOVED them!

These Santa hat brownies are treats I made for the teachers at West Erwin Playschool. Some of us moms got together and put on a teacher appreciation lunch and I was in charge of dessert. These were a hit! We sampled a couple the night before after dinner...and they were SO yummy..and also SUPER easy to make! (My kind of treat!)

These 'Texas Snowmen' are marshmallows a little melty on a sugar cookie base. Then I just used gel icing for the decorations. I took these to our Staff Christmas Party for my work.

Owen received a letter after having Gus at our house for a couple weeks. It is a letter from Santa saying that Gus has been giving him good reports on Owen's behavior at home & school. Owen was so excited! I love his little smile with his letter in the picture below:

The next week at Playschool, the kids got to walk down to the square & meet Santa! Owen was SO excited & not scared at all! He ran up to Santa, gave him a big hug & said, "I got your letter!!" It was SOOOO sweet & melted my heart!

Crazy Carnathan's Christmas!

With Miss Priss to arrive any day, we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on December 10. We had it at Michael & Bekah's house and ate breakfast, opened presents, then played outside & rested. It was a very fun, relaxing weekend with the fam!

All the boys ready to open presents! GiGi & PaPaw are excited, too!
Jackson(1), Owen(2), Logan(6), Caden(3), Davis(5) & Reed(3)

Present opening chaos!

I love our wonderful family!

Monday, December 12, 2011

House Wrap & Windows

Windows have been installed and exterior walls (decking?) has been put up. Pretty exciting! It is really looking like a house now! It is fun to go inside because most of the walls are completely framed. Owen already knows the rooms! If I tell him to go to his room, he knows right where it is. He also likes to point up the stairs to the game room and say "Dats where my toys go!" So cute! And yes, that is where they go and also where they STAY! NO toys in the living room in the new house!! :) I am so thankful that we will have that play space and we won't have to step over toys that are all over the living room. Here are some pics I took over the weekend!

View from the backyard. Excited about a covered
back porch and a large yard to play in!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Decking has started! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

More Progress!

Bonus room framed! Now its a lot easier to really see what the outside will look like. The far left side is the office and the far right is the garage. Our house is more long than it is wide because of the way our lot is. When drawing our original plan we had picked out, the draftsman had to take a lot of the rooms and 'turn' them to make them more long so that the house would fit on the lot and so we would be able to have a side entry garage. Can't wait to see what it will look like with the exterior finishes! But, that will be a while. Next up is the rest of the framing, then the decking on the roof, then windows & doors! After that, they will start electrical. It's a really exciting process so far. Can't wait to see more progress!