Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Right Time! A 4 year old & 3 month old!

Wow! Already a month since I last blogged. Welcome to life with 1 hubby, 2 kids, soccer practice, family obligations, work, church, pre-school events, social life.....

Our Beau boy is 3 months old! He's sweet as can be. He is really a perfect baby. He rarely fusses and is SOOO easy to make smile. Most everyone we know can get him to smile. It is so sweet. He loves to be talked to and he really loves his big brother. Its so sweet to see him watch Owen and smile at O's silly antics. 
Our precious little blue-eyed Beau

In other news...Owen has started soccer and LOVES it! It is so fun to watch him at practice and at games. He does great in practice, but does not have much "hustle" in him! It's so funny to me to watch because he's just enjoying himself, not too concerned with being better than anyone. In the games so far,  he is not very aggressive with "getting in there", but when the ball gets close to him, he always gives it a good, strong kick! He smiles most of the game, and to us, that is all that matters!

Owen & Reed are both on the Strikers! So fun that they are on the same team!

Owen also tried karate, and he liked it, but not as much as soccer, he says. So we are taking a break from karate but may go back to it during the winter months when soccer ends. 

Loving this time with my sweet boys. This moment in life right now is PERFECT. We have the "big" kid who does activities like soccer and karate that are fun to be a part of and we still have the little baby to snuggle and love on. This is the moment that I wish life had a pause button!

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