Monday, August 19, 2013

Owen turns 4!

Our big boy is 4! Time has gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday that he was being born and now he is 4 and has a baby brother! I am LOVING 4. He can be very ornery, but he is becoming a little person and it is so fun. I can have actual conversations with him now and he gets it. It is so neat to watch his little personality grow.

Big boy!

Some things about Owen:

  • He loves anything having to do with hunting...guns, bows & arrows, riding the rhino & camouflage! 
  • He is HILARIOUS. I have sooo many stories of funny things he says & does. 
  • He wants to be a pediatrician or a fireman when he grows up.
  • His favorite color is usually blue. 
  • His favorite thing to eat is pizza.
  • He loves music and singing and he loves going to the movies.
  • He loves to swim and do jumps & dives into the pool.
  • He loves his baby brother and loves to love on Beau.
  • He can be a pest. He loves to play tricks on people and sometimes he irritates his cousins with his pesky ways!
  • He loves knock knock jokes and is really good at telling them!
  • He is starting to say "I was just kidding" when he says something that is ugly in hopes of getting out of trouble!
  • His cousins are his best friends!
For his 4th birthday, (since I was off on maternity leave), we went to Shreveport to do some fun things and see Daddy since he was working there that week. We went to Sci-Port which is a super cool science discovery museum for kids. He loved it! Then, that evening, we shopped at Bass Pro for his bday and he picked out a Wii hunting game. We met Super Aunt Mandi, Tim, Michael & 2 of Mandi's nieces at Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. It was a great time celebrating our sweet boy with friends!

After we got home, we got the house ready for his big party! It was a "Finding Bigfoot" party. We had family & friends over for cake and then swimming & snow cones. It was a great day! 
(more pictures to come when I get them uploaded)...

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